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All of the wigs you see displayed are made from modacrylic fibre.


"A pleasure to deal with such a professional and caring company. I love my new wig! Thank you."Andrea, Essex.


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Wig Types

Ready-made acrylic wigs

The technical quality of modern acrylics offers an excellent choice of styles and colours, which ensures a lifelike appearance. Even so there are many that are very competitively priced. Today's acrylics are very easy to wash and look after.

With acrylic fibres, care has to be taken not to damage them with heated, electric styling tools. Some can also be affected badly from heat sources such as steam rising from cooking pots, opening oven doors, bonfires or barbeques.

Ready-made human hair wigs

There is a reassuring quality about natural hair wigs for looks and manageability and they can be washed and styled. Hair dryers and tongs may be used on low heat settings. There are two types of foundation to choose from, wefted and hand tied.

The best appearance requires attention to washing and conditioning. On average the cost will be more than acrylic wigs, but good care will ensure a very long lasting, good looking appearance.

Custom Made human hair wigs

This is an ideal option and investment for the longer term, with wig colour, style and fit tailor made exactly to the individual. There is a choice of foundations and instances of minor damages or wear can be mended.
It will take a little time, on average 12 - 16 weeks, for the wig to be made.

Ready-made / Bespoke acrylic and human hair pieces

This is an ever popular option for ladies with thinning hair that require some extra help with their existing style.

Please note: The life of any wig or hairpiece is dependent on how well it is looked after in accordance to manufacturers' recommendations.